As your alliance partnerwe support and stand behind your company. JCIS: 1) represents your company, 2) acts only under your direction, and 3) shares resources with you to fulfil contract obligations.

JCIS manages the logistics to get the job done. We are prepared to distribute the needed equipment, tools, and funds for all travel expenses(per/Diem) and project costs such as fuel, small tools, etc.

JC Industrial Services hires and manages field employees for your industrial coatings needs. We prepare and file applications, resumes, recommendations, and all safety and legal documentation required for each state. 

On demand, skilled workers, inspectors, and safety personnel.

Customer Service: 1-219-200-6033

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Certified minority participation to owners.

Ensures safety requirements to OSHA are met; e.g., physical evaluations, drug testing, and background checks.  

Holds employees accountable by maintaining logs, records, and reports.

Some of the advantages you will enjoy include:

JCIS handles all accounting responsibilities pertaining to the workers in the field; e.g., payroll (certified payroll when required by owner) and taxes, unemployment insurances, and workman's compensation.  

Carries workman's compensation and liability insurance.

JC Industrial Services, Inc. Your Alliance Partner

JC Industrial Services, Inc.

Your Alliance Partner

NACE certified.