Surface Prep

JC Industrial Services understands that professional surface preparation leads to proven, long-term results. Our teams are trained to utilize the most effective methods available for ensuring that the job gets done right the first time, including

  •  Multiple blasting techniques using a variety of media, including sand, dry ice, and sodablasting.
  •  Ultra-high and low-pressure water jetting.
  •  Professional lead abatement and clean-up.
  •  Hand- and power-tool cleaning.



Ready to coat? JCIS offers a full lineup of proprietary products ready to meet the demanding needs of your industry, while our certified installation teams bring the highest quality expertise to ensure your success. Coatings applications include

  •  High-heat ceramic thermal-barrier and refractory enhancement systems, where operating temperatures exceed 2,300°F.
  • Cold-side ceramic coatings systems designed to block heat transfer on vessels, pipes, process units and dusts.
  •  Tank lining systems designed for full acid submersion.
  •  Anti-fouling systems for process vessels and inlets pipes.
  •  Lead paint encapsulation.
  •  Cool roof systems.
  •  Industrial fireproofing.


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At JCIS, we provide engineered, proprietary solutions for every step of your project. Is there a new installation, scheduled maintenance, or performance improvements needed in your operation? No problem. Our

  • Return on Investment (ROI) analysis can help you see just how effective our applications will be.
  • Energy conservation/BTU savings analysis will show how our hot-side ceramic thermal barriers systems can help you save big on your budget, and how our cold-side proprietary coatings can keep the heat in.
  • Heat flow-charting will explain exactly where all of that unused energy is going, and how we can help you harness it to eliminate waste and increase productivity and returns.
  • Scheduling and maintenance plans and proposals help engineers to plan shutdowns effectively, while maximizing the efficiency of our preventative and maintenance coatings.